Vinification takes place in the ancient “chais” of the Chateau, dating back to the 13th century, under the double supervision of our Maître de Chai and an external oenologist. These two combine their talents to develop the best wines for you, which are recognisable by the label Château Montreuil Bellay :

Saumur Rouge (red) : Cabernet franc,
Saumur Brut Tradition Blanc : a smooth sparkling white wine made from a blend of Chenin and Cabernet franc grapes,
Saumur Brut Tradition Rosé : a lightly sparkling Rosé – Cabernet franc,
Saumur Blanc (white) : a blend of Chenin and Chardonnay grapes,
. Cabernet d’Anjou, rosé demi-sec : a medium dry rosé – Cabernet franc,
Cabernet de Saumur, rosé sec; a dry rosé – Cabernet franc.

Maceration, fermentation and maturation take place in temperature-regulated stainless steel vats, with the exception of our Saumur rouge Prestige “l’Amarante”. This very secret edition ages for almost a year in new French oak casks, carefully chosen to obtain a subtle marriage of both delicate and silky tannins, fruit and wood.

After six months in the vats or a year in the casks, we bottle our Saumur Rouge and store them for at least a year in our cellar to allow them to mature gently. Harvested in year n, you will generally be purchasing bottles which have been in the making for a further 2 years (n+2).

The Whites and the Rosés are best when drunk young, as soon as they are bottled, in the spring following the year following they were harvested.

Although our wines are well known for their quality, we are always thinking of ways to improve them even further. This is why we intend to purchase a pneumatic press this year which will press the grapes even more gently and which can also be more finely controlled.