The Grands Augustins

A religious site in the 17th century, the Grands Augustins were desecrated during the Revolution. The site became a car-repairs garage during the 20th century, until in 1992 after being completely restored it was inaugurated by the chief architect for Historical Monuments in France and by the President of the Conseil Régional of the Pays de la Loire, Mr. Olivier Guichard.A listed historical building, the Grands Augustins is situated at the heart of the walled town of Montreuil-Bellay, two hundred metres from the Chateau and close to a public car park which can accommodate both cars and buses.Equipped with a modern kitchen, powerful electric heating as well as spacious and comfortable commodities, the site of the Grands Augustins comprises:

. a reception with private bar, and
. a magnificent valted room.

This can be cordoned off and can be reserved for exclusive private events :

  • Chateau Montreuil Bellay wine-tastings with dinner, sitting 25 to 350 people
  • receptions and marriages for up to 500 people, standing
  • professional seminars with a platform and PA systemFor more information, you may contact :

. the Chateau’s telephone : +33(0) 2 41 52 33 06
. send a fax: +33 (0) 2 41 52 37 70
. send us an email: or