Geology of the Vineyard

The vineyard of Château Montreuil-Bellay is situated on soils of clay-pebble and sandy-clay from the Quaternary period.

This type of soil allows for plenty of drainage and filtration, which is favourable for a well-balanced healthy vine. Its qualities are suited to the growing of red wines that keep for up to 10 years, white wines and “springtime” rosés :

– Non-carbonated substrata,
– Coarse topsoil facilitates the absorption of heat,
– Silty sands and sandy-clay silt on the surface, depending on the area,
– Sand, sandy-clay, clayey-sand and heavy clay deep down,
– Potential for moderate to vigorous growth, depending on the area,
– Potential for advanced development : moderate to strong, depending on the area,
– Impediments to root development : negligible.
– Impediments to water absorption : negligible.